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How to Prepare a Gluten Free Thanksgiving.

If this is your first thank you to a member of the family of gastrointestinal disorders, you may wonder if you will eat any of your favorite foods. Traditional filling, green beans tangerine, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie all contain gluten! But do not be afraid, it is possible to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and not eat a bit of gluten. Heres how to do this.

Decide on the list and find safe recipes.

What foods do “make” Thanksgiving for you? For me is the cornbread filling, gravy, green bean tart, sweet potato pie. If I can get this, I’m happy. Gluten-free versions of most foods can be made; it takes only some time to search the web and find a recipe that contains good reviews and ingredients you can reasonably find. Once you’ve completed a list, check out some of the most popular free recipe blogs. These blogs are popular because they contain good recipes and most of them will have a holiday section that includes all Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes.

Shop for specialty components.

Now that you know what you’re doing, it’s time to shop. First, check to make sure gluten contains any of the traditional recipes you plan to use. Call your digestive guest and run all the ingredients out. If you are not familiar with gluten-free foods, you may be surprised at all ingredients containing wheat. Campbell’s soup is probably gracious of whatever the most surprising reason for gluten for those who cook for the first time.

If you want to buy specialty products, try Gluten Free Mall or Amazon. Both of these sites carry a wide range of foods that do not contain gluten. Or you can ask your gluten-free guest to send you some of the ingredients you keep. I brought the gluten-free pasta to a family dinner so that the chef would not have to spend time looking for him at the grocery store.

Use containers and utensils that are not contaminated with gluten.
All your hard work will be undone if cooked or served with kitchen equipment containing gluten-free parts. For example, wooden spoons, wooden filing trays, and wood cutting boards are prohibited if they are all eaten through gluten-containing food. The same applies to your bread machine if it is ever wheat bread. I am also wary of baguette basins, pizza stones, and cast iron pans.

Label dishes to avoid mutual contact.
Once the table is loaded with delicious foods, name the gluten-free dishes and make sure they have their spoons provided. Warn your guests not to move the serving utensils between dishes. Even tiny crumbs of ordinary bread filling will contaminate non-gluten-free foods and can make your guest who does not tolerate gluten is violently ill.